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How to Order

Ordering merchandise is pretty simple. You enquire, we deliver, you’re excited when you receive your branded mug or cup or plushie dinosaur.

We build a great relationship and run-off into the branded merchandise sunset together.

However, there are quite a few steps behind the scenes that need to be completed before your mug, cup or dinosaur can be delivered.

We like to call it your “Order Journey”.

Below we’ve outlined each step, so you know exactly how we’re going to process each and every one of your orders, from ‘Enquiry’ to ‘Delivery’.

This is so you know your order is running as smoothly and quickly as possible, and you know what to expect at each step.


This is what we call your first email/phone call/Instagram message to us. Basically, your first point of contact where you layout exactly what you need from us.

The information that would be great to have at this stage (but not necessary if you’re just looking for ideas) would be:

  • Delivery deadline date: When do you need the goods delivered?
  • Budget: Do you have an overall budget/spending limit you just can’t go over?
  • Delivery: At this stage, we just really need to know if delivery will be UK, Europe or further afield.
  • Items: what’re you interest in? If you don’t have any ideas, never fear, as we can help with that.
  • Branding – How do you want the items branded? Ideally it would be perfect if you had your logo/artwork ready, but don’t worry if not, as we can always just provide an estimate cost.

Once we’ve got all that, we’ll go away and do our creative magical-thing – i.e., searching for the best items for your brief that’ll make you and your clients go “wow”.


Once we’ve gathered all the amazing ideas, we’ll send you over a quote, so you’ll know exactly how much each item costs, as well as any extras like delivery and branding.

You can discuss anything to do with the quote at this stage. Want some items changed? Sure thing! Want a whole different quote? No worries, we’ll get right on it. Happy with what we’ve sent? Check out the next step below on your order journey.


Once you’re happy with your quote, let us know by sending us an email letting us know you’re happy to go ahead.

We’ll then check details with you and request the full delivery address.

If you don’t have the delivery address at this stage, not to worry! We can still proceed further on (we however cannot complete the order process without it, so bear that in mind if you have a no fail delivery date).


This is the next piece of paperwork you’ll receive after confirming you’re happy with the quote. This is confirmation your order is going ahead, with all the order details on it.

We need you to APPROVE/DISAPPROVE this Order Acknowledgement before we proceed to the next step.

Changes that need to be made to the order can happen now.


You will receive this a day or two after the Order Acknowledgement has been approved. It’s an on-screen mock-up of what the items in your order will look like, with your branding on.

We need you to APPROVE/DISAPPROVE all artwork proofs that we send over, checking that all branding details (logos, pantones, items) are correct.

Once all artwork proofs are approved, your order will then go to production.


This is the time it takes for the items to be made/sourced and then branded. The average time this takes is between 7-10 working days, however it will depend on the item. We call this the ‘lead-time’ of the item.

The lead-time is calculated from when the artwork proofs are approved, rather from when you place your order. This is because production can only go ahead once artwork proofs are approved.

Please keep this in mind if you have a delivery deadline date that needs to be met.


The next step in your order journey: despatch. This is when your order has been produced and is on its way to you. The time this takes depends on where in the world you’re having your order delivered to, however we’ll let you know at time of quoting how long this takes. 


This is my favourite part: when your order is delivered!

We love receiving feedback on any of your goods, especially any pictures of them at your events!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queriers about your order when you receive it – even if it’s just to tell us you love it.


Our accounts team will send an invoice once the items have been despatched.


And that’s your order journey! Pretty simple, but definitely a few key aspects to keep in mind for when you order next.